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This new world wasn't very different than home, the knight decided.

Standing on a small hill, beneath the shade of a tree, staring at the city in the distance, he even decided that it wasn't that bad. If he closed his eyes, he could even pretend he were home. That the city on the horizon was the port city of Leshna. That he were standing on the edge of the foothills of Rhea's Peak. That he could open his eyes and see his friends, and his family, ready to set out for their home city, Kishava.

Oh, Kishava. At the mere thought, his gunsoul ached for home. He missed the cobblestone streets, the architecture of mixed heritages, the familiar sight of Royal Guardsman mingling with artisans and craftsmen on just about every corner….and with these thoughts, the illusion broke. He could no longer pretend this strange land was familiar.

With a sign, the knight opened his blue eyes and turned away. He paused to tug his black and red cape off of the branch that snagged it, and walked down the hill. He was so used to floating everywhere…but as far from home as they were, he couldn't connect to the magic as clearly. The magic of this world was…for lack of a better word, 'sluggish'. Connecting to it took time he might not have in an emergency. His connection to his homeland may be weak, but at least he could access the magic quickly.

At the bottom of the hill stood a sword, planted into the grass, and a shield leaning against it, both bearing the same flame-inspired crest. The knight stopped here and picked up both. To be safe, he summoned them once and carried them around. He didn't want to get stuck in a situation where he was unarmed. Stowing the sword in its sheath, the knight turned back toward the city. He had no idea where he was, and no idea how to get home. He'd need that information if he wanted to get anywhere, now.

Leaving the foothills, the knight started walking toward Neotopia.

On the other side of the city, another figure was following the same line of thought.

This one a samurai, with bright green eyes contrasting ashy gray and red armor. He carried a pair of sai clipped to his belt, and an extra staff strapped to his back. Also lost and longing for home, he was hoping to find some answers - and possibly, his friend - in the distant city.

Between him and the horizon, there was nothing but barren, open land. The tracks of a train curved nearby, but there were no cars in sight. In the distance, far beyond even the city, he could see green, rolling hills, and even the dark shadow of a mountain behind the clouds.

He couldn't help but think of home at this sight. Rhea's Peak, the foothills, and what was now called the 'Death Zone' that separated the famous landmarks from his home city. He missed the Library, the Palace, the Guardsman recruits who were always up for a friendly sparring session….oh, great. Now he was lost and homesick.

The samurai shook his head. No more depressing thoughts. He needed to get information today. Once he'd made some progress, then he'd allow himself to indulge in some self-pity. Resolve restored, he lengthened his stride and headed for the city of Neotopia.

It was certainly not what he was expecting.

The samurai found himself stunned by the fact that, despite how vibrantly his armor stood out among the plainly dressed humans and average citizen robots, nobody seemed to give him more than a passing glance. One or two threw a passing glance at his sai, but no-one said anything immediately, as most seemed to assume they were part of a costume. He wandered down the streets, marveling at this strange new city, until he came upon a park. There, he paused in the open space and breathed a small sigh. It felt so good to be back among society again…

A ball suddenly bounced off his foot. Surprised, the samurai turned back, only to find a human child already retrieving it. The little blonde girl smiled brightly. She didn't seem more than a few years old, at best. The samurai couldn't help but smile back, even if it was hidden behind his mask.

"Hi!" The little girl chirped. The samurai chuckled.

"Hello, little one." He replied. The girl smiled and pointed at herself.

"Nana." She smiled proudly. The samurai turned to face her.

"Ajatamaru." He replied with a smile. "Nice to meet you, Nana." The girl screwed up her face for a moment.

"Ajaaaat…ajatammm…..AJATA!" She decided with a wide smile. The samurai laughed.

"Alright then, little one. Ajata it is." He smiled as Nana held up her ball to him. "Sorry little one. I can't stay to play. I need to find my friend." Nana pouted and lowered her ball sadly. "Don't worry…I'm sure someone els will be glad to play with a sweetie like you. He continued. Nana smiled.

"Bwover!" She remembered, cheerily skipping off to find her older sibling. Ajatamaru watched until Nana met up with a taller brunette boy and another Musha Gundam. The first one he'd seen since arriving here. Only when he was sure Nana was safe did he turn away. Now…

Where to begin looking for his friend...
I used to be part of an RP site for "Superior Defender Gundam Force" (an awesome but short-lived series if you didn't know). Recently, I looked back at the site, which had died out for a while, and was kind of depressed to see it had been restarted.

I'd created an entire fourth world (fifth, if you counted the Dark Axis) for the series, with a fleet of characters to go with it. It had gotten pretty complicated, too. I'm a little sad that I lost all that, but I do want to bring it back, and finally write the stories they came to create.

Chapter 1 is short. But it introduces my first two OCs - Kakuto the Flaming Knight (take that as you will) and Ajatamaru of the Twisting Winds. They're both from my OC world, the Kingdom of Kishava, which is, put simply, a world populated by refugees from both Ark and LaCroa. Mushas, Knights and humans all live there, among mish-mashed architecture, art, etc, and an entirely new system of spirit beasts.

The world is currently under siege by the Dark Axis, and this story takes place in a fan-timeline, after both Ark and LaCroa have been liberated, with the SDGF still based in Neotopia.

I'd love to hear any opinions you have of this idea, and how I could improve it. ^_^

EDIT: Updated the text. Yes, that is a 3 year old Nana. XD

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